Don't miss what matters.

With one tap, Blinq enhances your messaging Apps to make your conversation more personal & relevant.

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Syncing contacts

What's the point?

This is how your life will change by using blinq


No more staring at a boring Facebook Feed. Relevant information about people you actually talk to after high-school.

Get to look professional

Have a meeting? Surprise your partner with information and come off as an actual responsible adult.

Bring relevance to your conversations.

Have smarter, more informed conversations enriched with relevant information about your conversation partner.

Never come off as a tool again.

Avoid contacting people while they're on vacation/in prison/parental leave.

About Blinq

Blinq is an innovative mobile App that instantly enriches your messaging experience. Blinq shows you all that matters on the people in your life in a fun, convenient way. No need to juggle platforms and FOMO NOMO! Blinq deepens your relationships with work colleagues, business prospects, friends and family. Upon a single tap Blinq facilitates access to a stream of insights and updates on those who matter to you.

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